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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The fact that you fill prescriptions for walk-ins pretty quickly."

"Quality individual service"

"The people"

"Reef Family Pharmacy is the best pharmacy in the county! Friendly neighborhood feel, great prices, and makes you feel like you matter and are not just a number."

"Friendly and caring"

"The friendly and courteous staff"

"All of the above"


"Family friendly and helpful; atmosphere"

"That it's a mom and pop pharmacy with much better service than any chain store."

"Convenience & friendliness"

"Fantastic customer service. Everyone here actually cares about the customer. I regret ever spending one second at any big corporation pharmacy."

"Family owned and operated by a courteous, friendly, and respectful staff who go the extra mile for each client."

"Scott and staff; service is great"

"Supportive staff!"


"The store itself is 5 stars no matter how you judge! "

"Like family - it's a really good feeling to walk in and know the staff. More importantly, the staff knows me and always accommodates me the best they can. I wouldn't trust any other pharmacy."

"I've been using Reef for years now, after switching from a major chain. I love how friendly everyone always is, and I love being able to support smaller, more local businesses."

"Hardly ever wait in line! Nice people!"

"How fast they get scripts out, and the availability of meds."

"Very friendly staff"

"Fantastic service and very friendly, efficient, and quick."

"Christian company"

"Fills in birthday much easier and barcode scan is convenient. Thanks"

"I am treated like a person."

"Everything. The staff is amazing. Scott is loving and caring."

"Scott and his staff are amazing. He truly cares about the people. I'm so glad that we followed Scott when he opened his business. We'll continue to stay at Reef Pharmacy. Thank you all for making things easier. GOD BLESS!"

"They always have my medicine in stock and are fast and friendly."

"The personal service from all employees and Scott, the owner, is awesome unlike a chain store."

You can help Reef Family Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!